Some days ago, a sad story of a bride who lost her husband few hours after their wedding inundated Social media. It was a very traumatic experience for the bride as according to reports, they had an accident on their way to the wedding reception.

Per reports, the man died right on the spot and the lady suffered some injuries but survived. The unfortunate incident happened at Madina on Sunday, 30th September 2018. The groom was known as Disu Kamaru and the lady, Janatil Firdaws Yakubu

The widow has since been discharged from the hospital and she took to Facebook to speak out for the first time since the sad incident.

the Late Disu Kamaru and wife Janatil Firdaws Yakubu on the day of their Islamic wedding

In the post, she eulogised her late husband, and stated that, her hope is in Allah and that so far as Allah lives, she has hope.

Read her full post below (unedited):

Alhamdulila!!!! O people whoever was worshipping Muhammad should know that Muhammad has died. Whoever was worshipping God should know that God is living and never dies.”

“And Muhammad is but a Messenger. The Messengers before him passed away. Should you turn on your heels if he will die or be killed? And whoever turns on his heels will not harm God in the least. And God will reward the thankful.” If Allah permitted us to worship any human being on earth u will be the first and last I will worship.

Am indeed de luckiest woman on earth to have such a wonderful and God fearing man.
You have always thought me in everything I should give tnx to Allah.



Janatil Firdaws Yakubu

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