Bridesmaid steals shine of bride at her wedding with her huge b00bs which attract guests to spray money on her [Video]

How painful will it be if your bridesmaid becomes the centre of attention on your wedding day because she possesses an “asset” that you lack?

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Well, this is certainly the scene that was created when a bridesmaid stole the shine of the bride with her huge nice boobs which attracted guests to spray money on her.

A viral video gives an account of the moment the bride was dancing alongside this bridesmaid on her wedding day. The bridesmaid purposefully allowed her cleavage to do the talking as her dance moves dangled and swung the load on her chest from right to left.

With so much enthusiasm, this bridesmaid could be seen dancing to the point where her breasts nearly spilt out of her dress with the focus of all the guests fixated on her.

The guests, who should walk towards the bride and appreciate her dance left her and went straight to the bridesmaid with the huge boobs and started spraying money on her.

With her boobs as a magnetic force, the guests were helpless as they were attracted forcefully to what their prying eyes were seeing.

Check Out Video Below:

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