I’ve been using the same car for 7 years, there’s nothing to be ashamed of- Newly married broadcaster Bridget Otoo

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Bridget Otoo has espoused a thought-provoking message online and fans will definitely draw a lot of inspiration from it.

She took to Facebook to advise all and sundry not to allow their lives to be manipulated or influenced by what others do or say.

The Metro TV news anchor said she knows a lot of people who live ‘large’, change cars often but have no plot of land to their name.

Bridget mentioned that she still uses the same she bought over 7 years ago because she does not allow her life to be dictated by societal blueprint.

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She wrote on her page, “If you allow yourself, the world would tell you who you are, how you should look, talk, etc… I know it’s tough but please be your AUTHENTIC self. There’s so much going on in the world that every minute you spend living someone else’s life, you rob yourself of happiness. Don’t do things to impress but to make you happy! Remember those who love you don’t need an explanation.

“I have friends who change cars every year but don’t own a plot of land and have to beg people to pay their rent. I have used the same car for 7 years but I’ve at least made progress in certain aspects of my life, like not paying rent. I know we are all different, and a car could be more valuable to someone than a house. But when you’ve seen poverty like I did growing up, you won’t live your life to please anyone but to save for a rainy day. Good Night.

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SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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