Bridget Otoo Asks DBlack Not To Pass His Poor Home Training “Tragedy” On to His Daughter

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Bridget Otoo has attacked DBlack’s poor home training and has begged him not to pass it on to his daughter.

On 6th March, Ghana’s Independence Day, Bridget Otoo, not out of routine for her, charged at President Akufo-Addo for saying in his speech that “We Freed our Nation.” In response, she quizzed, “You and who freed our nation?” Many users felt her choice of words were disrespectful including the ‘Vera’ singer.

“Isn’t this tad disrespectful?“ D-Black asked her. A random Twitter user who was not in support of DBlack’s question also asked him if was wrong for one to question their own President.

“So Ghanaians can no longer question their President because it’s Akuffo-Addo in power?. Ghana is in this mess because of hypocrites like you who have sold their conscience for pittance,” the Twitter user attacked.

In response to DBlack, Bridget pounced on him, saying that if he was trained to ask questions, he would not have been scammed by Dr. UN’s fake award scheme.

“You were raised not to question things, please don’t pass that tragedy to your daughter. Perhaps If you had asked questions, you wouldn’t have ended up at Dr. UN’s Awards. Thank You,” she said/

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