Bawumia is a liar, take out your frustration on him, not me- Bridget Otoo to NPP footsoldiers

Bridget Otoo has clashed with footsoldiers of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) after she highlighted the worsening living standards of Ghanaians reflected in the hike in cement prices.

This is a familiar path for the Metro TV presenter and for the umpteenth time, she hauled her arsenals at her adversaries boot for boot.

The footsoldiers who always do the bidding of the NPP no matter what slammed Bridget for revealing that the price of cement has gone up by almost ₵10.00 in a previous post.

She said those who are having issues with her should rather aim their frustrations at the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia since he misled them about the cedi.

“You are not mad at Dr. Bawumia for Lying to you about the cedi? You are not mad about the government letting the cedi cross 10 cedis? That businesses are struggling? You are mad at me for reporting the fact that cement prices have gone up by 7-8 cedis?”

Was I the one who told the cement companies to increase a bag of cement by 7-8 cedis? Or am I the president of Aboboya association who tells them to charge 2-4 cedis for a bag of cement?  Bridget Otoo wrote online.

She further asked these people who are much into partisan politics to channel their anger to the appropriate quarters because if one goes to the filling station to purchase fuel, they won’t ask for your NPP card! 

“Yes cement prices is hitting 80 cedis, and it’s poor leadership that has brought us here! Make your family proud and for once, think for yourself! ” She advised. 



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