Bristol Harvey Edwards cause of death and obituary

Bristol Harvey Edwards’s cause of death and obituary will be discussed in this report. Edwards is a university student who died aged 19 after going to A&E with what he thought was a sinus infection.

The Bristol-born 19-year-old was reportedly taking antibiotics, but on June 13 he returned after his symptoms got worse.

Bristol Harvey Edwards cause of death and obituary

As mentioned earlier, Bristol Harvey Edwards’s cause of death has presumably been attributed to a sinus infection. Essentially, it is not known if his death was caused by the sinus infection or the bleeding his brain suffered.

After receiving an MRI that revealed a brain bleed, he was placed into an induced coma to assist relieve the pressure.

However, Harvey later had a stroke, forcing his family to make the agonizing choice to remove Harvey’s life support on June 28. The adolescent had begun his studies at Liverpool University the previous year.

“He went back to the hospital and doctors said he would have to go into an induced coma,” a family friend Jordan Parker explained.

“His speech was slurred but it was too late and the hospital then called his mum and told her she needed to come to Liverpool. It was such a shock for his family, he was a fit and healthy person.”

Harvey was studying biochemistry and was about to start his second year of the course. Aside from his studies Harvey was also a model and had completed his first photo shoot before his death.

His family and friends started eulogising him shortly after his loss.

Jordan Parker added: “He was such a people person and was never miserable and always kind to everyone he met. Harvey was just one of the most genuine people around.

“There was just something about him that everyone loved and people liked to be around him. I have never heard a bad word said about him.

“His mum is just drained and does not know what to do, it has hit them all [hard]. His family was so close to him, especially his nephews…”


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