Britain: Father makes his daughter a trans boy after she told him ‘I’m not a girl’ at the age of just TWO

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A father who agreed with his daughter’s argument that she wasn’t a girl although she was assigned female gender at birth and agreed to make her a trans boy has insisted that, his 4 year old son has never been a girl from birth.

In the UK, there are lots of other transgender children and Mattew Stubbings and his wife Klara Jeynes both 44 have said that, their son Stormy who was born a twin, started identifying as a boy at just 18 months old.

A picture of Stormy before she became a trans boy at 18 months

Although his child is now a trans boy, he says he faced a struggle getting some adults to accept Stormy’s decision-with many still insisting on calling him a girl.

‘I am so proud that he knows who he is and isn’t constrained by societal norms and prejudices. We can all learn something from this small boy and I learn every day. Everyone is different.’

He added in the post: ‘We all need accept that people are different and not try to force those around us to fit into a box that suits us.

‘Accepting people for who they are is the only way to encourage innovation, embrace growth and harness the best in everyone. I have permission from my son to post this. He is proud of who he is.’

Matttew Stubbings post on LinkedIn

After the story was published on a site like, has observed some of the comments under the story, with some supporting the father and some saying that, he should have allowed her to grow first then he can make the best decision.


Stormy after he became a trans boy

Some of the comments under the post read:

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