Bro Sammy Reveals Why He Didn’t Attend Prophet Seth Frimpong’s Funeral

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Bro Sammy

The truth is, gospel musician Brother Sammy and the late Seth Frimpong were the best of friends.

But surprisingly, Bro Sammy was conspicuously missing in action during the funeral day of Seth Frimpong.

He missed it and it raised questions as to why he was not present to pay his last respect to his bosom friend.

In a chit-chat with RTV, Bro Sammy explained why he could not be present at the funeral. He maintains that it was never deliberate adding that he has been seeing him in his dreams all the time.

He says that Seth knew he could not bear to say goodbye to him.

“He knew that I can’t stand the pain at his funeral so he ushered me not to step foot at his funeral amicably. Honestly, I couldn’t have held back my tears if I was to show up”

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