Broke Men Give The Best Satisfaction When It Comes To Intimacy – Comedian Waris Claims( Screenshot)

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We are in an era where sexual satisfaction is part of the recommendations for a long lasting marriage.

The influx of herbal products and concoctions has lead most young men into concentrating on their sexual performance to working hard for money.

This is because some women have made a criteria where by a broke man is expected to be excellent in bed to make up for his poverty while a rich man who is poor in bed is accepted because at least “he has money”. So if he can’t sexually satisfy you, he can take you shopping. Strange right?

Well, another person who has confirmed this assertion is Ghanaian Comedian known as Comedian Waris.

In a recent tweet, Comedian Waris asserted that sometimes the best sex comes from broke guys.
According to Comedian Waris, because the guys know they are poor and cannot provide basic needs for their women, so they end up satisfying them sexually to compensate them.

Checkout his post below;

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