Bruce Lehrmann Wife: Is He Married?

Bruce Lehrmann, a prominent man accused of two counts of rape west of Brisbane, is a former Liberal Party worker. The identity of Mr. Lehrmann was made public on Thursday when a Supreme Court judge declined to issue any more orders pertaining to the case’s non-publication.

The 28-year-old former party adviser was unsuccessful in his fifth attempt to remain anonymous until a committal hearing in the case, which he made in late September. He wasn’t present in court for the ruling on Thursday.

Judge Peter Applegarth determined that the Toowoomba Magistrate’s decision to deny Mr. Lehrmann’s request for a non-publication order earlier this month was not an error in law.

Bruce Lehrmann: Who Is He? 

Bruce Lehrmann is a former Liberal Party worker accused of two counts of rape west of Brisbane. 

The woman allegedly met friends at a music venue in Toowoomba, which is west of Brisbane, in October 2021. She went to The Vault, an adult entertainment establishment, as her second destination after hanging out and drinking with pals.

Police said that the woman consumed additional alcohol while at that location before meeting Mr. Lehrmann, who went by the name “Bryce.”

According to police allegations, the woman consented to ride in a taxi with him to his friend’s place, where they shared a bed, and subsequently fell asleep while sharing a kiss.

Weeks had passed since Mr Lehrmann’s court appearance in the ACT about separate charges that he had sexually assaulted Brittany Higgins when he went out in Queensland.

In that case, he entered a not-guilty plea, was never found guilty, and insists he never had intercourse with Ms Higgins.

After juror misconduct caused a mistrial, the charges were withdrawn. The complainant, Ms. Higgins, was still at risk for mental health issues, according to the DPP at the time.

According to police claims, the victim told Mr. Lehrmann to put on a condom, but she didn’t remember anything more until she woke up with the accused on top of her.

The police will claim that Mr. Lehrmann told the woman they had multiple sex sessions and that he had ejaculated inside of her without using a condom, but she didn’t remember any of this.

According to Queensland law, not using a condom without your partner’s consent is sexual assault.

Bruce Lehrmann Victim 

It is also expected that police will claim the complainant discussed the Brittany Higgins issue with a friend’s mother.

The complainant then allegedly used her phone to look up “Brittany Higgins rapist” online.

It is understood that after that search, the complainant thought the individual in the photo was the same man she had met at The Vault in October 2021.

The Toowoomba police were notified of the situation. It is known that the vault’s CCTV from the night of the alleged rape was retrieved by the police.

Bruce Lehrmann Wife: Is He Married? 

Only a few days after Brittany Higgins came forward with her rape claims, Bruce Lehrmann and his girlfriend called it quits. He had texted her repeatedly, pretending to be having a conversation with his lawyer, in an attempt to “place” her.

There was no information indicating Bruce is married or has a wife at the time this article was written.

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