Build house for yourself before building for your parents—South African singer, Mokgatla

South African public figure, Matalane Mokgatla, recently shared his thoughts on prioritizing oneself on his Facebook page.

He emphasized the importance of young individuals with financial means to prioritize building their own homes before considering building for their parents, regardless of birth order.

Mokgatla firmly stated that it is not the children’s obligation to construct houses for parents who were unable to do so themselves. He believes that those who heed his advice and refrain from making emotional decisions will appreciate it in the long run, and he encourages individuals not to allow their families to manipulate them.

He wrote, “Before building your parents a home start with yours even if you’re a last born, you’ll thank me later Don’t act by emotions it’s not your responsibility to do what your parents couldn’t do Don’t let them manipulate you”.

Under the comments section, he continued his argument by saying, “The stress that comes with not having your own space because you were busy with your parents will kill you real death especially when siblings reminds you it’s a family home and that you were not forced to build and by that time they only bought furniture for their bedrooms. Leave batho ba tlo reng mentality and get your priorities straight 🙏.”

“I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with what I said but don’t disrespect me wa ba wa nthoga just because you don’t agree with what I said. I will block you because clearly you’re not the type of people I would like to engage with. And blocking you means you won’t have access to whatever you followed me for. Let’s respect each other even if we don’t agree.”

“And when it comes to faith believing that your parents comes first and holds your blessings then this post isn’t for you. It is not faith based but reality based. People give a make huge donation at church while their families struggle because they believe that in that way their blessings will come.🤷‍♂️ To me that kind of faith is high level of manipulation and hypnotism especially if it doesn’t do you any good. Remember that’s how we lost the land and believed in heaven the land above💁‍♂️.”

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A Facebook with the user name @judy j malatsi wrote,” Good advice… We don’t know what the future holds for us…That’s what I did with no regrets…And now I don’t have means to build for my mom…imagine if I started with her house it means my kids wouldn’t be having their home… Is not like my mom doesn’t have a house.. She does… We just need to renovate it… Hopefully this year I will…”

Another user wrote,” I do agree that’s the advice i give my daughters. You first then others. Eat your money happily so without any guilt then if you feel like giving us or helping let it be from the heart not that its an obligation.”


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