Bulldog Describes CEO Of Zylofon As The ‘Jesus Christ’ Of Our Time, Blasts Those Who Question His Source Of Wealth

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Nana Appiah Mensah's cars

Bulldog has called out Ghanaians who constantly try to figure out the source of wealth of Zylofon Media boss, Nana Appiah Mensah affectionately called NAM.

Nana Appiah’s emergence on the Ghanaian music landscape as an investor was hailed as a turning point for the advancement of the industry.

However, a section of Ghanaians, including some pastors claim NAM is an occult which explains why he’s extremely rich at such a young age.

Commenting on this issue, Bulldog who happens to be the Head of A & R for the giant media conglomerate said ‘Ghanaians should shut up’ when he was asked by co-host Chantelle Asante how his boss is funding his numerous business ventures.

Typical of Bulldog, he issued a very strong warning to the ‘haters’ to mind their own business whilst adding that his NAM deals in gold and that’s basically  what rake in the money.

He said:

“Why are people concerned with the source of the guy’s money? Ghanaians should shut up. I don’t know where your boss is making his money from. I never ask. People should just shut up. We live in a space where we hate.”

“You see Nana Appiah Mensah is doing something that a lot of people had the opportunity to do, people who own media houses and all that and they did not do. All of a sudden, the gentleman is here and doing a lot of good stuff and everybody wants to descend on him.”

“My boss is a gold dealer and he is been doing this since 2012. We question people unnecessarily. Somebody is here to help. We keep doing this and people would fold up”

“Nana Appiah Mensah is the ‘Jesus Christ’ of our time. What he is doing 61 years of Ghana’s independence nobody has done it and after him nobody will come like him.”

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