‘Bulldog Knows the Damage He Has Done to Me, If He Will Be Very Real To Himself, He’s Got To Attempt To Repair It’-Iwan

Dancehall artiste Iwan used to be a real force to reckon with in the Dancehall fraternity. In a recent article I wrote about artistes who set the pace and made the Dancehall genre attractive, I included Iwan’s name although many of my readers vehemently disagreed with me.

His career suddenly took a nosedive, albeit the huge talent he has. He came up with conspiracy theory that his former manager Bulldog and fellow Dancehall artiste Samini were behind his slump. Bulldog has finally admitted to this allegation when he granted an interview on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM with Amanda Jissih.

Bulldog told Amanda Jissih that he personally went to events to ensure that Iwan was not allowed to perform. To this end,was grateful to Bulldog for admitting he had done him wrong and was hopeful he will undo the harm caused him.

“Five years and I have been going through all this. Bulldog knew I was clean but he didn’t come out and he was just enjoying seeing me go through all those struggles because we had a mere misunderstanding over money,”
Iwan said.

“I don’t have anything against Bulldog. We’ve been speaking along the line, I just thank him for at long last making the world know what they have to know. For me, he knows the damage he has done to me, if he will be very real to himself, he’s got to attempt to repair if not all at least part [of the damage],”
Iwan added.

He did not rule out working with Bulldog again.  Iwan prior to Bulldog’s confession had always blamed fellow dancehall artiste Samini for not allowing him to perform at the Mavado concert in 2011.

When MzGee asked Iwan if he thinks Samini deserves an apology after Bulldog’s confession, Iwan replied in the negative. He said he was yet to receive his contractual fee for the Movado concert which took place in 2011 though he was prevented from performing.

 “You know why I will say I don’t owe Samini any apology because he was dealing with me in the beginning. It is not right to deal with someone from the beginning and allow a third person in…I blame Samini because he betrayed our friendship. I will still hold that (against Samini) if he doesn’t come out too,” Iwan insisted.