Bullet accused of stealing a song for Wendy Shay

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Bullet and Wendy Shay

CEO of Rufftown Records, Bullet has been accused by longtime friend and Root Life artist, Dry Bones Africa of stealing his song for Wendy Shay.

Dry Bones Africa since Wendy Shay’s song ‘Masakra’ hit the airwaves has been having a rough time with Bullet and it seems he’s not giving up anytime soon.

During an interview with CM Showbiz hosted by Kofi Tano on CMGH TV, Dry Bones stated that he does not have any issue with Wendy Shay but her boss, Bullet from whom she takes orders.

“Masakra” is one of the hit songs released by Wendy Shay under Rufftown Records but according to Dry Bones, Bullet stole it and rewrote it for his artist Wendy Shay to sing.

Dry Bones disclosed that Bullet has been his friend for many years, since the 90s. He recounted how Bullet used to come to his barbering shop and how they did almost everything together.

He disclosed that he used to sing the “Masakra” song when they were usually together and had plans of releasing it but had issues with financing the recording session and moreover, he wanted his song to be a slow highlife type of genre.

Dry Bones added that Bullet allegedly took the lyrics of his song and mixed it with afrobeat and gave it to Wendy Shay as his own.

According to him, he has summoned Bullet over the issue to the copyrights committee. He finally added that Bullet demanded that the issue should be settled amicably out of the Copyright Commission but he is yet to hear from Bullet concerning the song.

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