Bullet Loses His Cool, Asks His Lawyers To Take Action Against Ms Forson

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The back and forth banter between Rufftown Records owner, Bullet and his former signee, Ms Forson could end up in court soon as an angry Bullet has contacted his lawyers to take up the matter.

Bullet, real name Ricky Nana Agyemang has asked a retraction and apology from Mz Forson for peddling false allegations against him.

Bullet denies allegations made by MS. Forson that he caused her marriage to collapse in just four months and that she co wrote Stevie Wonder and other songs during her time with the record label but were given to Wendy Shay to perform.

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He said her comments are defamatory and a deliberate attempt to drag his name in the mud.

A statement from Bullet’s lawyers reads:

Our Client avers that in a calculated attempt to dint his hard-earned reputation within the Ghanaian music industry, you proceeded to make further false and malicious accusation against him in an interview with Abeiku Santana’s on OKAY FM on the same 31st day of October 2019.

In the said interview you made innuendos to the effect that, our Client has dishonestly appropriated the moral and economic rights relating to four(4) songs belonging to you, two(2) of which are titled “Stevie Wonder” and “The boy is mine” and offered same to his artiste, Wendy Addo, who trades under the stage name of “Wendy Shay”. Our Client further says that, these same innuendos were published in your interview with one blogger by name Sammy Kay.

Our Client contends further that he is the copyright holder of all the original musical works relating to the songs titled “Stevie Wonder” and “The boy is mine” and same has been duly registered with the Copyright Office in Ghana. Our Client contends that during the time that he had a working relationship with you he individually wrote all songs under the record label without your involvement and that is why all songs during that period was never registered in your name.”  the letter from LawPlus read.

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