Bullet Regrets Signing Fantana And Wendy Shay Following Continues Beefing? Says He Misses Ebony

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Ricky Nana Agyemang, known popularly as Bullet has shared an old video of his late signee Ebony with a caption which shows how he misses her badly. 

This comes in the midst of the nasty confrontation between his two signee, Wendy Shay and Fantana.

Bullet, apparently regretting the turn of an event between his signees and the possible impact it will have on the record label, shared an old video of him in a confrontation with TV3 producers for not playing Ebony’s songs whilst she was present at the TV station for an interview.

He added this caption: “I will always fight for my artist and my record label any day because we went through hell to get here. Many see the glamour and glitter so they think is a bed of roses…I miss you my BONY”.

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