Bullet Wages War Against Adom FM’s Vim Lady For Disrespecting Wendy Shay (+ Screenshot)

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Adom FM’s presenter, Afia Pokuaa recently blasted Rufftown’s Wendy Shay for dragging the name of Ghana’s president Nana Addo in ‘gutters’.

According to Afia Pokuaa, Wendy Shay’s ‘Uber Driver’ single mentions the names of two former presidents, J.A Kufuor and J.D Mahama whom we hold in high esteem their names and therefore the needed respect should be given to them.

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It could be recalled that RuffTown records’ Wendy Shay shared a picture of herself and Ghana’s incumbent president Akufo-Addo via Instagram on June 19, 2018 with the witty caption;

“Great meeting with the chief Uber driver of Ghana ?? #even Nana Addo nso p3hw3 ?? #rufftownrecords #wendyshaytotheworld #teamshay #presidentofGhana #teamGhana #ghanatotheworld,”

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Although the purpose of Wendy Shay meeting Akuffo-Addo in the month of June was not known until Wendy’s recent interview with Abeiku Santana.

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In a recent interview with Abeiku Santana, Wendy Shay indicated that the purpose of her meeting with Akuffo-Adfo was to present her single (Uber Driver) to him stating clearly that Nana Addo endorsed it and described her as the new sensation artist. Besides, she described President Akuffo-Addo “The Chief Uber Driver” – Thus, Ghana’s president can’t stop staring at ladies a$$ in reference to the lyrics of “Uber Driver” song.


Wendy Shay Meets Akuffo-Addo 
Wendy Shay Meets Akuffo-Addo
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So, this revelation as well as description by Wendy Shay didn’t go down well with Adom FM’s Afia Pokua affectionately called Vim Lady. Therefore, Vim Lady blasted Wendy Shay for not giving the president enough respect by describing him as “The Chief Uber Driver”

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Now, Bullet who happens to be Wendy Shay’s manager has come to the rescue of his reigning artiste. Born Ricky Agyeman took to Facebook to vent his anger on Vim Lady for disrespecting his artiste, Wendy Shay. Bullet posted that;

“Afua pokuaa vim lady of adom FM,is it envy or jealousy?is Wendy shay not a Ghanaian and doesn’t she have the right as a Ghanaian to visit the president ?old women always wants to bring young women who are doing something good down and it’s very sad.Do you want to tell me musicians are not qualified to visit the president?


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