Burial Of Robert Mugabe Postponed Indefinitely- Full Report

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The final funeral of the late dictator and Africa’s longest serving president in recent time, Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been postponed indefinitely, according to reports coming from Zimbabwe.

The burial was scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 16, but from these reports, it is not likely to come on as expected.

According to the family spokesperson, Leo Mugabe, Mugabe was a chief and it would only be appropriate if he was given a traditional burial as opposed to the previously proposed state burial.

He said,

“Mugabe was a chief and he will be buried in accordance with tradition. The chiefs have not told us where he will be buried, so it is not clear yet. I also don’t know.”

Yesterday, the mortal remains of the late Zimbabwean President was flown from Singapore to his native land where the final funeral arrangements will get underway on Sunday.

Reports say his final resting place remained a source of mystery amid a dispute between some family members and the government.

Robert Mugabe Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years until he was ousted by his own army in November 2017.

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