Burkinabe arrested for murdering German partner, daughter in Accra

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Burkinabe arrested for murdering German partner, daughter in Accra

A 43-year-old Burkinabe man has been arrested by the police for allegedly murdering his German partner and her 13-year-old daughter.

He is believed to have secretly buried them in a nearby bush in their house at Kokrobite in Accra.

The suspect has been identified as Boigouna Aloys.

According to residents, the two had been living together with the daughter of the deceased since January 2020 until their sudden disappearance.

A strong stench in the neighbourhood raised suspicions about the possible murder of the two.

This led to the lodging of a complaint with the Kokrobite police for further investigations.

Police have since visited the scene where the two deceased persons were suspected to have been buried.

The police have begun investigations into the incident, and have plans to obtain an exhumation order from the court to exhume the suspected dead bodies as investigations continue.

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