Burna Boy’s mother reveals she often fight him because he comes up with crazy ideas without thinking

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The mother of Afrobeat singer, Burna Boy, Bose Ogulu has revealed that she and her son often quarrel over how much money should be spent.

She made this known in a recent interview on CNN after she was asked which topic brings a disagreement between them and said is spending.

The mother who doubles as the singer’s manager indicated that when it comes to money, she and her son doesn’t think in the same direction.

She said, “We don’t think we should be spending money on the same thing”

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She however added that Burna Boy likes to come up several ideas without considering the cost especially when it comes to shooting a video.

In her words, “So he comes up with really crazy ideas without really thinking about what it costs or what it doesn’t cost. And so, my first reaction would be no, that’s not going to work. How are we going to make back that money”

“And then I learned that it’s not ‘no’. It’s just that we should find a way of still making it look like what he wants or close to what he wants without spending as much.”


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