Businesses You Can Start In 2017 With Basically No Money & Earn More Than Ghc2,000 A Month

Businesses You Can Start In 2017 With Basically No Money
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In a country where it’s hard to get a good paying job, probably the best solution would be for one to start their own business but then what if you don’t have that huge capital to start your own business? I have gathered so much experience as a blogger and I understand how frustrating it is, when you just can’t just get a job or that the job that you have does not really pay well.

Whether you are looking for some job or that you want to make some extra money aside what you are earning already, this article is just right for you. I would have loved to share with you how I ended up as a blogger and how much I have earned with it, and where this blogging job has taken me to. I would certainly share that story with you people soon.

One of the resolutions I wrote for 2017 was to share more resourceful articles with those who read on and I want to start with this article by sharing useful tips and advises that would in a way help someone.

When it comes to making money online, there are lots of them and I won’t be able to capture all of it here. Some of them are very detailed and one would need to conduct proper research or even be coached by someone who has much knowledge in these fields. I would list some of the very popular ways to make money easily online without stress and with no capital or sometimes little capital.

So read it below:


You’ve probably heard of this one several times but you don’t really know what it is. There’s lots of money in blogging or vlogging depending on what you blog about, who you are blogging for and how you carry it out. There are lots of success stories of people who are into blogging and have made millions out of it. There are some bloggers/Vloggers who earn far more than someone who has a Master’s degree.

Now for those who are lost at what blogging or vlogging is, blogging basically means creating or publishing content on a website/blog. So the person who is into blogging is called a blogger. There are several types of bloggers depending on what niche they are into. We have some bloggers who write on entertainment, politics, tips and tricks, medicine. Anyone can easily become a blogger. You just have to know what you are more passionate about writing on. If you are a health worker, you can set up a  health blog. If you are even a caterer you can set up a food blog to share say recipes.

People own blogs for several reasons. Some do it for fun and others too do it to make money out of it. I have a friend who owns a health blog and he uses it to promote himself and by so doing, he’s able to get more clients and sell some products because he’s been able to create a brand around his work.

I am an entertainment blogger and a full-time blogger at the moment. The subject of blogging is very broad and I would talk more about it at my Webinar which I would put details of it at the end of the article.

With vlogging, it’s much similar to blogging, except for this one, you create video content for the internet. People who create videos and put them on Youtube are usually seen as Vloggers. They create from pranks, funny videos, DIY Tips, Entertainment, etc.

Earning Potential: One can make as much as they want depending on what they do and the amount of effort they put in. You can earn $100-50,000 a month. I have made $8000 in one month before and made as low as $69 before. 

2.Offer your services online at

Yeah, most people don’t know they can actually list their services online and get paid to do a job. The good thing about this kind of work is that, you choose when to work and you have no boss ordering you around. Depending on the skills, you have and the demand for those skills, you could be making lots of money every week by signing up on these sites.

You can sign up on or and just list your services there. So if you are a graphic designer, programmer, you can list your services there and start getting gigs within hours. It’s not just for graphic designers, if you are good at using social media, can make videos, teach etc you can start making money with these sites. for instance is a localized marketplace where you can list your services for a fee. The default charge is 15ghc but then you can decide to charge lower or even more depending on the service you are offering. If you could earn an extra 300ghc a week for doing jobs for people at the comfort of your home is it not a good thing? and also serves the same purpose. So you can even decide to list your services at any of these platforms. I would talk into details about this money making platforms at my webinar. There are lots of similar sites like that out there too.

3.Set Up Your Own Agency

I believe everyone knows a thing or two about Agency. However the problem is that, I don’t see lots of people setting up their own agencies as it’s a form of business that requires little or no capital. I always say that, you don’t need to own a particular business to make money. You can always make money off someone’s already established business. I would just cite one example here.

Let’s assume, you have good communicating and marketing skills as a marketing student, you can contact a Real Estate company and talk to them about your plans to bring in some clients in exchange for a commission. You don’t own houses, but you can help someone who wants to sell his/her house and then you take your commission or whatever agreements you are able to come into with the person.  There are lots of opportunities when it comes to setting up your own agency.

A friend of mine owns an IT company but it’s sort of an agency. He can’t program anything but he has knowledge of the business. He goes to look for clients and outsource the projects to those who can do it and he makes his money

Reason Why You have to sign up for my Webinar so I can address all of your concerns and guide you.

4.Start A Mini Importation Business

Yes, you’ve probably heard of this but don’t know what it is. Lots of people are into this kind of business and I can assure you that it fetches real money and it’s even become easier with the advent of Social Media. You can easily sell your products without having to roam in the scorching sun, looking for customers.

There are lots of online stores, you can buy products from at cheaper prices and sell them here in Ghana. There was one time, I sold some ladies watches I bought from one Online store and I made more than 100% profit. All I had to do was slot in my Visa card and within a week they arrived.

I promoted them on Social media and lots of people were interested in them. I sold all and made my money.

However, there are some things, you need to understand like choosing the right product to buy, which seller to buy from, pricing, promotion tactics and some basic things that, you need to learn. You can start on a low budget and reinvest all your profits till your capital becomes huge.

I have seen people buy stuff costing 20ghc from online stores and selling them for 200ghc here. I would give details on this at my webinar.


I wanted to write more on this but then my article would become longer and I know my very own people, they would get bored reading. There are lots of business  opportunities especially for those who are looking for ones they can start on a little capital or even no capital.

The advantage you have is that, we are in a modern age and technology has made things easier. For instance, when you have products that you want to sell, you don’t always have to bug your friends, with Social media advertising, you can reach a wider audience who are interested in buying your products.

This article is just a teaser for the main event which would be much more interactive. I would be holding a Webinar this February and would discuss all of these things and more and also answer questions.

To take advantage of this Webinar which would be free, sign up using the forms  below. I would email you the date and other details so you can be part of it. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can send me an email to





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