Thursday, November 26, 2020

‘You Call ‘Anything’ A Celebrity’- Police Officer Blasts Lydia Forson And Says She Bluffs Too Much

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The story of Lydia Forson’s alleged assault flooded the internet yesterday and the bubbly actress was all over social media ranting. We must admit Lydia Forson is good at the Queen’s Language so we weren’t surprised when she eloquently described her version of the story on her popular blog.

The actress claimed  they were in the middle of shooting a movie on a road behind NAFTI  when the officers intercepted them and accused them of using the road without permit.

In the middle of the confrontation, the actress began to film the officers which the officers didn’t take kindly leading into a heated argument and the actress got slapped by one of the national security officers.

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However, few hours ago a police officer identified as Christopher Kpeli has also taken to social media to responded to the actress and says this is happening because Ghanaians call anything a celebrity

Here’s what he wrote:


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