‘Call The Other Comedians And Ask Them Who The Best Comedian Is’- OB Amponsah On Why He’s The Best Comedian In Ghana

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Our comedy industry is literally in shambles compared to the vibrancy that exists in neighbouring Nigeria. However  there’s seems to be a bright spot for comedy in Ghana with the emergence or should I say resurgence of OB Amponsah.

OB recently told Ghana Weekend TV that he’s Ghana’s best comedian presently and we think he’s hitting the nail right on the head.

He recently sent Nigerians rolling on the floor with his hilarious jokes at the Lords of the Ribs comedy show held in Nigeria and on that premise, we can say the young man has no competitor now.

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“You can call them [the other comedians] now and ask them. I don’t want to blow my trumpet but as it stands now I’m the best in Ghana, trust me,” the young man said on why he’s the best at the moment.

He, however, added he has a favourite comedian in Ghana in the person of Augustin Dennis.

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He’s very funny. Apart from that, I am my own competition,” he added.

OB is organising his own comedy show dubbed ‘Voices In My Head’ on December 5, 2019, at the Snap Cinemas in Accra.

Watch the video below:

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