“Can Akuffo-Addo be dragged like this?” – Kwame A Plus reacts to video of British MPs ‘grilling’ Boris Johnson for dancing at a party during the lockdown in the UK [Watch]

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Ghanaian musician now turned Political activist, Kwame A Plus has shared a video of British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson being scolded in the House of Chambers for dancing at a party during the lockdown; asking the ultimate question whether Akufo Addo can be put through the same treatment if he goes wrong.

In a post on his official Instagram page, A Plus who has been on the neck of the ruling for the hardships they’re putting the ordinary Ghanaian through praised the intelligence of the British MPs and the way they boldly scolded the Prime Minister.

He wrote;

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“Look at what is being done to Boris Johnson, one of the most powerful men on earth. My father @nakufoaddo will speak big English and pretend that he is working only to attend parties 🥳 🎉 and funerals right after banning them; breaking the same rule he sets.

Can he be dragged to parliament to go through something like this? No!! He’ll report to Christians council that MPs are disrespecting him.

Politicians in our part of the world simply don’t understand that once you are a public servant, you must be a humble servant; that the people are your employers and you are a common worker “


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