Can He Achieve That? Gasmilla Says He Wants To Win 100 GRAMMY AWARDS Whiles Sarkodie Needs Just ONE!

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He intends to break a record, Beyonce, Jazy Z, and Kanye West have not achieved yet and he believes nothing is going to stop him.

Yes, the “International Fisherman” Gasmilla has revealed that he intends to pick up 100 GRAMMY AWARDS and he’s going to achieve that by working harder.

We cannot say, that is an impossible dream. There is a saying that, “when a blind man says, he will throw a stone at you, then he knows, what his feet are on”

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The Grammys has been running for 57 good years and no one has won hundred grammys yet. Sir George Solti has won a total of 31 competitive grammy awards and his record has not been broken yet.

Jay Z and Kanye West has won the award 21 times, Beyonce has won the award 20 times. And surprisingly some top artistes, you think might have won some have never even won one before..

Well, we cannot kill his dream, but we think he should focus on winning 100 VGMAs, then he can start to think about winning 100 Grammys. I cannot play God, but some dreams are way too exaggerated!

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Gasmilla is known for hit assent tracks like “Shamorno” “3 Points” and “Telemo” which is currently the hit song of the moment.

What do you think? Can he win 100 Grammys? Share with us in the comments box what you think!

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