Can Kantanka’s Latest Military Inventions Save Ghana Or They Will Just Remain TOYS? (Photos & Video)

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The guys at the Kantanka Technological Centre Of Excellence (KTCE) launched a set of military stuff at the 38th edition of the Technological exhibition of the Kantanka company.

At the launch where a range of new products where exhibited, the KTCE showcased an armored military vehicle with a laser rangefinder. They also showcased Iron Man inspired suits for military men.

In a video sighted by, some men were in the new Iron-man Inspired suits walking as the armored vehicle followed.

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We don’t know if soldiers would be able to run in these Iron-man suits or are even bullet-proof but we assume they are all just prototypes and not really ready to be used by the military.

The armored vehicle even has stairs, which we were not expecting–Soldiers just jump, they don’t need stairs to climb an armored vehicle when going to war.

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Anyway, this is not a review article on these new exhibitions, so we would just drop the pictures and the video below for you to watch and have your own sentiments.

Share your thoughts in comments with us.

Watch the video below:




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