Cantata On GTV Remains One of The Worst Soap Operas Ever In Ghana – Maame Dokono Reveals

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Gone are the days when owners of Black and White television sets were demigods in their vicinity. In the past, most people would come from afar and camp at neighbour’s houses to watch interesting programmes on Ghana Broadcasting Coperation.


The likes of Inspector Bediako, Taxi Driver, By the FireSide, Cantata, and Key Soap Concert Party were the source of entertainment for viewers.

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However, Ace actress Grace Omaboe commonly known as Maame Dokono has posited in a recent interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat that the Ghanaians favorite years back, “Cantata” which was aired on GTV remains one of the poor soap operas ever to hit the nation.


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According to her, Cantaata which was aired on GTV, years back was so terrible in terms of production quality and would not have allowed its airing if she had the power. Cantaata, which was aired on Sunday afternoon was a hilarious show that saw the actors and actresses dancing to music played by a band at short intervals.

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Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Starr FM Wednesday, Maame Dokono said with the poor quality of actors and actresses it didn’t come to her as a surprise when the Cantaata show was taking off air.

“Everything about Cantaata was bad, did you like it? no, no, no…I didn’t like it. There were few episodes that were good, the rest were… The story lines were bad, the actors in there were not actors, Nana just picked people from anywhere to act”, she revealed.

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As a reminder, Cantata was one of the most viewed on GBC TV at the time which was produced by Nana Bosomprah II. However, things started to sink after stars, including Kwaku Ahin Yeboah a.k.a ‘Abrobe’ and Kwaku Nkrumah a.k.a Jnr. Dr. Nkrumah left the show for not having received their meager salaries for well over one and half years.