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We’ve always craved for something good on our screens, i mean we cannot waste our eyes, or? Well, this new television station, Capital Tv which is on multi tv seems to be gradually shifting from test transmission. The tv station which is based in Laterbiokoshie after two months of test transmission haved rolled out an old program which used to be on Gtv and then moved to Adom Tv. Yes, i know you know the program am talking about, it’s “YESE YESEE” and if this program does not ring a bell, then i must say you are not a Ghanaian. It is was the biggest open secret program on television back then in 2008 on Gtv. The show looks out for the various rumours circulating in town, then they come to discuss it hence the name yese yesee which literally means “What people are saying”

Well, i would not want to talk much about it since a new season just started on Capital and i am just observing them for sometime, then i will give you more filla, but to be honest, i have watched the first three episodes already, and i must say, its a very interesting show especially the vox pop. Hmm, and there is something interesting about their new presenter. I know you might be wondering who he is and all that, but chaleee, just keep coming here.I will give you all the filla. The show shows on every monday and friday at 8pm exactly. Hmmmm, yese yesee.


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