Cardi B Replies Afia Schwarznegger, Hajia4Real, Wendy Shay & Other ‘Slay Queens’ For Attacking Her For Refusing To Show Up At Meet & Greet

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Cardi B lost her cool after she was wrongly accused of being arrogant by some so-called slay queens disguised under the mask of celebrities and has lashed them out in a new video, sighted by this blog

So for those who are lost as to what’s happening, let me just summarise things for you sha!

We believe you heard of Cardi B performing at a concert in Nigeria and Ghana and she shared lots of videos of her fun moments in Nigeria on her Instagram, so several people were anxious to finally meet this American rapper.

Yesterday, there was a report that a “Meet & Greet” session was supposed to go on at the Kempinski hotel, where she was lodging and according to several celebrities who trooped there to catch a glimpse of Cardi B and possibly take photos with her, they said they were ‘specially invited’ to come there at 12pm for the ‘Meet and Greet’ session but after waiting for over 5 hours, they were only informed that Cardi B says she will be ready to meet them at 8:30 pm, something that didn’t sit down well with some of the so called celebrities especially Afi Schwarznegger, Hajia4Real, and Wendy Shay.

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Afia Schwarz went on a ‘dissing’ spree and used lots of unprintable adjectives on the person of Cardi B for failing to come out to meet her. We also saw Hajia4Real blast her in a video, then Wendy Shay decided also compare herself to Cardi B suggesting she’s also a BIG star.

Cardi B in Ghana

What made the whole situation funny was when those celebrities lamented that, they saw Cardi B chewing Chinchinga at the poolside while they were waiting for her.

Well, things go viral on the internet and the American star has seen all of those negatives things those so called celebrities who were desperate to meet her have said about her and she’s blasted them in a new video while explaining her side of the story.

According to Cardi B, she’s a very professional musician and there was no ‘Meet and Greet’ in her contract and that she was never aware of any ‘Meet and Greet’ session with the local celebrities and so she does not get it while they were blaming her.

In the video, she also complained about the terrible experience she had at the Accra sports stadium where she performed but mentioned that, despite the stage lights going on and off and other issues, she still managed to perform.

She even asked the so called celebrities why they couldn’t gather the courage to come tell her they have a meet and greet session with her when they saw her at the pool chewing Chinchinga (Keebab).

Hmmm, our people have successfully managed to create a bad impression about Ghanaians again–We guess there are celebrities and then there are CELEBRITIES!



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