How to care for your foot

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As essential as any other part of our body, a dainty foot can go a long way in creating a favorable impression
Since our feet are the two most abused and often used part of our body, whatever is the case we must always keep our feet clean and healthy.
Now, for a healthy foot:

1. wash your feet daily with soap and water.
2. make sure you trim your toe nails at least once a week
3. keep your toe nails blank for a short period and retain its natural shine and strength.whatever be the latest trend in nail painting.

4. use foot creams also helps to keep bad odour away.
5. you must wear shoes and socks at all times .never walk bare footed.images-66
6. wear comfortable shoes that feet well.
7. dry your feet after washing thoroughly .especially in between your toes.
8. for the men: change your socks regularly at after every two days.

9. Make it a habit to use a pumice stone or foot file on damp heels and calluses.
10. Do not cross your legs for a long period of time.


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