Carl Weathers Age: How Old Is He Now?

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He retired from his career as an American footballer in 1974. Before then, he had had spells on the screen as well as being an actor. These days, he is a celebrated actor, and many would not have known that he was a sportsman. That seems a long time ago now since he retired from football to focus on acting, what is Carl Weathers age now?

In this article, we shall focus on how old he is, but trust us to also tell you all there is to know about the former American footballer now turned actor.

Who is he and how has he made the name for himself since he has become such a household name these days?

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It is safe to say that he has had a longer acting career than his football career.

Carl Weathers Age

The age of an individual is often the easiest to find if you know when they were born.

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But in your case, you do not know when Carl was born.

So how old is he?

Certainly, he has seen quite a lot having been born a long time ago now. Carl Weathers age is 74 years old now as he was born on January 14, 1948.

That is more than seven decades of life on earth.

The age of a person, however, matters less if they have not made any influence in all of their life.

A look at Carl Weathers’s life would show you that he is an accomplished man.

There are people Carl Weathers age who are not talked about at all as no one knows them because they have not done anything to influence.

It goes without saying, also, that there are a lot of people out there who have had a lot of influence on many people and they don’t get so much talked about.

Well, we cannot just know his age without knowing who he is, so who is Carl Weathers?

Carl Weathers Age: Early Life

Carl Weathers net worth

New Orleans, Louisiana, is where Weathers was born.

He received a sports scholarship to St. Augustine High School while he was in the eighth grade.

He participated in boxing, football, gymnastics, judo, soccer, and wrestling.

He was an all-around athlete.

His graduation was in 1966.

Today, Carl is well-known as an American actor and former professional football player.

He has had two careers: as an actor and formerly as an American football player.

He is, however, famous for his acting career as his playing career was spent trying to break through which did not quite work out for him.

You did not come here to just learn about Carl Weathers age, but what he has been able to do in all those years.

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Playing Career

Carl Weathers

In his playing career, he turned out for the likes of the Oakland Raiders, with whom he won the AFC West Division title.

He then signed a contract with the Canadian Football League’s BC Lions in 1971 and played until 1973, appearing in a total of 18 games.

Weathers studied theatre at San Francisco State University in the off-seasons, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in that subject in 1974.

In 1974, he ended his playing career and started an acting career.

He played in 8 games over the course of two seasons in the NFL, but he never collected any numbers.

He only had one fumble recovery as his sole CFL career stat.

What was Carl Weathers age when he retired from playing football to focus on his acting career?

Having retired from playing in 1974, and was born in 1948, he was 26 years old when he decided to quit football to focus on acting.

This explains why many know him for being an actor and not a football player.

Acting Career

Carl Weathers Age

You know Carl Weathers age now, but how did his acting career begin?

Carl Weathers started working as an extra when he was still a football player.

Two blaxploitation movies made by his lifelong buddy Arthur Marks, Bucktown (1975) and Friday Foster (1976), gave him his first important parts.

Weathers also had an appearance in “The Nude,” an early 1975 episode of the sitcom Good Times, playing a furious husband who believed his wife had cheated on him with J.J.

Additionally, he appeared as a guest star in the 1975 episodes of Cannon and Kung Fu’s “The Hero” and “The Brothers Caine,” respectively.

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