Carlee Russell Memes Erupts : Internet Reacts To Press Conference

Carlee Russell Memes have been making the rounds on several Social media platforms and we will be taking a look into it to let you know what actually happened.

Carlee Russell had claimed that she was kidnapped in the process of attempting to save a toddler whom according to her was walking barefoot and alone on the side of Interstate 459. 

To the surprise of everyone, Carlee actually returned home after going missing for 48 hours. Now, police investigators have come forward to state that they found discrepancies in her story.

And that was the beginning of the Carlee Russell memes as many have subjected her to heavy trolls.

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At a news conference on Wednesday July 19, Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis said the investigation continues but authorities do not believe there is a threat to the community, which is just south of Birmingham.

Derzis told reporters no one has reported a missing child and investigators have found no evidence of one. 

She claimed that the man then picked her up and she screamed,” he said. According to the chief, Russell told police the man made her go over a fence and she was forced into a car.

“The next thing she remembers is being in the trailer of an 18-wheeler. She stated that the male was with a female, however, she never saw the female, only hearing her voice. She also told detectives she could hear a baby crying,” Derzis said.


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