Carlos Sakyi, Amandzeba And K.K Kabobo’s GHAMRO Fraudulent Deals EXPOSED

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An ultimatum which started on 19th December, 2014, was dispatched on former GHAMRO board members – Carlos Sakyi, K.K Kabobo, Okraku Mantey and Amandzeba, to respond to audit queries raised by the organization’s contracted auditors, Eddy Nii Koi Accounting Consultancy Firm, expired Monday 19th January, 2014.

The audit findings which were read by the Administration Consultant of GHAMRO, Mr. Abraham Adjatey, are as follows: for the 2 years the old board was in office, they paid themselves salaries ranging between GHC 2000 – 2500 without paying any tax to government. Also, Social Security And National Insurance Trust SSNIT was not paid on behalf of any GHAMRO workers.

The three member Directors took huge sums of monies without appropriate supporting documents attached to payment vouchers. They made several expenditures ranging into thousands of Ghana cedis but had no supporting documents (receipts) attached.

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Thousands of GHAMRO monies were transferred and paid to different accounts without any documents explaining why. Though the Receiver Managers cannot access Ghamro’s ADB account because the old directors placed a No-debit on it, the latter still withdrew monies from the bank.

The old board contracted a company named Motion Pix to manufacture identity cards amounting to GHC 51,000 and was duly paid all the money– however, there are no filed records of a contractual agreement document between Motion Pix and GHAMRO to manufacture the IDs – neither has the former manufactured and delivered the ID cards to Ghamro.

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The old board bought a car amounting to GHC 55,000 with the total amount duly paid but there are no documents on the car, why it was bought, for what purpose – filed in the books of accounts. The car is also not at the premises of GHAMRO.

There was no record of an appointment letter between GHAMRO and its IT Manager but he worked for GHAMRO and took salary of GHC 1000 for the period he worked in the IT department. He also absented himself for many days to sojourn outside the country but still took salaries at the end of the months he was off work.

Mr. Abraham further disclosed that the Receiver Managers have made attempts to invite Carlos Sakyi, K.K. Kabobo and Amandzeba to respond to the related queries raised by the auditors but that has not been fruitful – however, former board members, Okraku Mantey and Rex Omar, have met the auditors and the auditors were satisfied with their responses.

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Ending, Mr. Abraham read out clearly, the auditors conclusive remarks on their report and its implications on the Carlo-led GHAMRO administration under his stewardship:

“In view of the above findings, we are requesting the directors and the spending officers to make available to us, the documentations and the necessary documents needed to satisfy the legitimacy of those transactions within a period of 4 working weeks from the receipts of this report – otherwise, we shall consider our findings as accurate, correct and which will serve as our final audit.” Mr. Abraham also added that: “On our part, we shall resort to the court for the law to take its cause.”

GHAMRO is the only music royalty collection society in Ghana. They collect royalties from: restaurants, commercial vehicles, event organizers, radio and TV stations, night clubs, cinema halls, hairdressers, Banks, hotels, drinking bars/pubs, spinners, advertisers, keep fit clubs/gyms, barbering salons, telcos, etc. who uses music commercially. also tried our best to get in touch with Mr. Carlos but his phone was off as at the time of filing the report. Since the Receiver Managers have promised of seeking legal action, we hope and see if Carlos and the others will continue hiding or come out quickly like smoked grass cutters. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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