Carlton Pearson Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth 

Born on March 19, 1953, Carlton Pearson is a well-known American minister and gospel musician who has experienced a variety of spiritual and religious upheavals. Throughout his career, he was crucial to the expansion and change of religious congregations. In furtherance, find information about Carlton Pearson’s Wikipedia, age, wife, and net worth in this report.

Who is Carlton Pearson?

Pearson’s early spiritual journey brought him to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to continue his education at Oral Roberts University. Afterwards, he started working as an evangelist for the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association.

He was licensed and ordained by the Church of God in Christ as a result of his commitment to the organization.

The Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center, founded by Pearson in 1981, grew to be one of Tulsa’s biggest and most prominent churches.

This was a huge accomplishment, and he became one of the first ministers of African American descent to host a weekly preaching show on national television.

Due to his captivating demeanor and energizing sermons, he was able to organize significant conferences in stadiums and grand arenas all over the country.

Pearson’s ministry saw impressive growth in the 1990s, with an average weekly attendance of more than 6,000 people. He became well-known during this time, and in 1996, at the much-heralded AZUSA ’97 event, he was consecrated as a bishop after receiving his ordination.

In addition to his position as a religious leader, Pearson entered politics in 2000 when he ran for George W. Bush. He even received an invitation to the White House for his efforts.

His impact also reached the media, as he was the host of one of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s most popular TV shows.

In addition, he was the impetus behind the AZUSA Conference in Tulsa, demonstrating his capacity to unite various perspectives within the religious community.

Pearson’s involvement in music was also influenced by his love of gospel music and his dedication to his ministry.

He became well-known as a gospel vocalist by being nominated for a Dove Award and winning two Stellar Awards.

In addition to his work as a preacher, his contributions to gospel music demonstrated his talent and versatility.

Carlton Pearson Wikipedia

It is true that Carlton Pearson has a Wikipedia entry. His entry contains details about his upbringing, professional background, personal life, and beliefs. A list of his books and other media appearances is also included.

Carlton Pearson’s Age

Carlton Pearson is 70 years old as of today, November 2, 2023. He was born on March 19, 1953, in San Diego, California.

Carlton Pearson’s Wife

The spouse of Carlton Pearson is Gina Marie Gauthier. Julian D’metrius Pearson and Majeste Amour Pearson are their two children together.

They were married in September 1993. On the other hand, their divorce was finalized in October 2019 after they filed for it in August 2015.

Gina’s career is as a life coach. She has frequently performed with her spouse and is a gifted musician and vocalist. She is a strong, dependable woman who has been Pearson’s valuable business partner throughout his career.

Carlton Pearson Net Worth 

It is estimated that Carlton Pearson is worth $5 million USD. His prosperous career as a pastor, writer, and gospel singer has contributed to his wealth. In addition, he frequently speaks at conferences and gets paid for it.


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