Caroline Aryee Writes: We Must Make The Ghana Music Awards More Attractive

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The prestigious annual Ghana Music Awards is few days away but the buzz that surrounds it is somewhat missing. In any case, that’s not my principle problem.I’m concerned about the quality of the award ceremony and how we can sustain it to meet international standards.

Few weeks ago, Knii Lante, the doctor turned musician raised some serious concerns about the award scheme ranging from the technical aspect to its administration which he shared on his Facebook wall. In fact he spoke passionately and profoundly, some of which encompass my perception about the Ghana Music Awards.

We all like watching the BET and the Grammys. The sheer quality nature can be replicated here. If money is the underlying component that makes their show so flawless then corporate bodies and rich individuals can come together to make this our GMA worthwhile. In fact after fifteen years since the Ghana Music Awards was instituted it has been nothing but shambolic, in terms of the organisation, not to talk about the controversies that riddles it yearly.

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The decoration, the lighting system and the stage decor should all be on point. If a winning artiste is not present, the organisers should have fore knowledge and look for a recipient quickly. The microphones should be checked over and over to ensure they all function properly and manner in which the artiste come on stage to receive the award should all be looked at.

Now back to some of the relevant issues KniiLante raised, a portion of ‘point two’ of his lengthy letter which he stated: “the quality of performances at the awards ceremony and the seriousness attached to the ceremony. Currently the GMA awards attract predominantly an audience between an age group of 18 to about 35. You will hardly see 50, 60, 70 year olds attending. Why because it is not an award ceremony that cuts across like a serious one. People and fans (some paid and bused to attend) shout, disturb, jump on chairs, swarm the stage etc and usually the most important award (artiste of the year) is presented in a milieu of chaos where other decently seated people cannot see the award being presented.”

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The organisers should really take a good look this. I mean how can people besiege the stage because their favourite musician has just been declared a winner in any of the topmost categories? Do fans of Lil Wayne or Beyonce do that during any of the award shows in America? A definitive code of conduct should be spelt out to tell patrons about how to behave during such a high program that is streamed live on TV.

These awards scheme are designed to preserve our music culture but some of us have been made to believe the scheme is profit oriented judging from the bizarre way it’s being handled.

Anytime concerns are raised about the GMA, they tend to blacklist and label one as an enemy. We all have the interest of the industry at heart. We are doing it for generations yet to come.


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