Carry me go my husband’s house- Moment desperate single ladies gather in church to pray for a husband

A video is widely being circulated on social media and the reason for its virality is not far fetched. 

As sighted in the video, a bunch of unmarried women gathered in a church for a specific programme designed to seek the face of God so they can get husbands within the shortest possible time, having remained spinsters for a long time. 

A Twitter user shared the video with the caption; ”Wait, whaaaaaat. E don reach like this ??? Thought men are scum.”

Watch video below:

See reactions;

See reactions the post garnered;

@oga_pharmacist commented; On Twitter, reality doesn’t exist – na offline them dey count scores… I just tell people I know, make sure you are taken care of the things that matter in real life. Best wishes to the ladies there, everyone deserves true companionship.

@eyiteeonline; You have not been to Power Must Change Hand Service, Manner Water Service and Shiloh Programme. This is the reality when you turn off data.

@iamichael_arch; Alot of men mocking this ladies also prays in private for a wife tooo…..some men don’t know it’s even harder to find a life partner

@solostan82; Like say when dem see the husband dem no go use headache and stress kill the man.

@naturalboifilmz; People praying about things that’s mostly important to them shouldn’t be a yardstick tho. Its not just about bad character or any form that’s delaying some people from finding a partner, there are forces behind a lot of people delay in marriage.


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