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Publicity Stunts: How Effective Can It Be? |The Case of P-Square

The Okoye brothers held their loyal fans to ransom with their supposed splitting rumours only to make a quick U-turn and announced a reunion, turning out to be a publicity stunt after all. Why did they have to do that? With their level of success, I didn’t expect them to resort to this medium to attract ‘sympathy.’ What is a …

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MUST READ: What At All Do Our Female Celebrities Seek To Achieve By Wearing Dresses To Expose Their Bodies??

It is very appalling when I come across some of our Ghanaian female celebrities who dress in a very uncultured manner all in the name of fashion. Oh wait,fashion?? That is a mere act of indiscipline which results in loss of dignity. It is disgusting and heartbreaking seeing some of these so-called female celebrities who several young people look up to …

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PHOTOS: Meet Kwaku Manu’s Lovely Kids…You Will Definitely Want To Have Babies After Seeing Them

One of the funniest and interesting personalities we have in Ghana is Kwaku Manu. He is one actor who has been very instrumental in the Ghanaian movie industry based in Kumasi (Kumawood). Himself and other hardworking acts have kept their industry alive and it’s still very active like never before. His line of work has made people have a kind of …

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It’s Her Birthday! These 10 Hottest Photos Of Ahuof3 Patri Shows She Is The Fastest Growing Ghanaian Actress

Priscilla Opoku Agyeman popularly known as Ahuof3 Patri,from the very hillarious Boys Kasa skits,is a year older today. She is widely known for her short hairstyle which makes her stand out amongst her peers.She says she prefers the short hair to braids and weave-on because it makes her feel natural and free. The fast growing actress is very pretty;her curves and boo*s alone …

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Ghana Music On The Verge Of Collapse If We Remain Monotonous

Complete List Of 2016 VGMA winners

Years back when hiplife revolution started, lots of pundits especially those inclined to highlife predicted its demise. However hiplife still remains relevant today and it’s growing at an alarming rate. Though hiplife provided the threshold for diversity in our musical landscape, everyone joined the bandwagon by producing strictly hiplife songs. Even highlife musicians collaborated with artiste before they could make …

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Anita Erskine Wants The World To Hear Her Voice And She’s Just About To Get It!

Anita erskine

In her CNN African Voices feature over the weekend, Anita exhibited her bold, beautiful, mightily articulate and extremely confident personality, as she described  how desperately she wants to use her career in Broadcasting to influence the way people see Africa in its entirety. The interview is still trending, with people celebrating her distinct articulation! Given that this lady is 100% …

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Voters Should Be Given The Choice, ‘None Of The Above’

Ghanaians will go to the polls this November to complete a four year ritual; to vote for legislators and a new president or renew the mandate of the incumbent one. Politics practiced in Africa and particularly Ghana has been nothing but volatile. The airwaves and the media have been awash with inflammatory and derogatory languages aimed at political opponents. Though …

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Abraham Attah Is Now A Big Star But Then He Needs This One Thing

Abraham Attah is trending and I bet is he is the most popular Ghanaian now. Thanks to Cary Fukunaga, a street vendor has been transformed to an international superstar and he’s functioning in his ‘ambassadorial’ capacity in the image of Ghana to the fullest. Few days ago, the young man was once again on the spotlight when he was adjudged …

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Shatta Wale After Split With Bulldog

There comes a time in every man’s life where he has to transform to be a better person due to some past experiences. By this,one has to make certain difficult decisions and try very well to stand by the choices no matter what. A time came where we had only one “bad boy” in the music industry who stood against …

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Is Shatta Wale Being Honest About Changing OR It’s All About Getting To BET With VGMA?

Shata Wale recently filed entry for nominations for the upcoming 2016 VGMA’s which has sent the entire music industry into a tumult over whether he deserves to be part of the annual prestigious accolade. Many have taken to social media to express their obtuse opinion on the matter. For Shata Wale to make a complete overturn after referring the VGMA’s …

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