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Funny Video: Kofi Wayo Cracks Our Ribs With Another Skit Titled ‘Wrong Medicine

Comedian Kofi Wayo cracks our ribs once more with his new funny video, ‘Wrong Medicine’ . Last week, we brought you one of his skits, in which he revealed to us a new 419 scheme on MTN mobile money gaining grounds in Kumasi. If you missed it, then CLICK HERE to watch it again. This time around, the comic actor …

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Funny Video: Comedian Kofi Wayo Cracks Our Ribs With Mobile Money 419 In Kumasi

Comedian Kofi Wayo is gradually picking up with his comedy skits and this very new one he titles ‘Mobile Money’ reveals a new 419 scheme in the region which is being used to dupe lots of people.  In this humour laden video, Kofi Wayo gets duped when he goes to a mobile money agent to send money to his relatives. …

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Funny Video: This Girl Slams Her Friend For Trying To Take Advantage Of Her Boyfriend

Here’s one of those funny videos from ADAAWA Comedy and we didn’t expect things to turn out that way in this video. Imagine you invite your girlfriend out for lunch and she comes along with her friend then she requests for just a plate of rice but her friend requests for more than she had even requested. As the boyfriend, …

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5 Female Celebrities Who Will Curse You For Stealing Their Make-Up

Make-up are care substances used to enhance the appearance of the human body. It is intended to be applied to the body for cleansing,beautifying,promoting attractivenss or to alter appearance without affecting the structure of the body. These days,most ladies are adddicted to make-up to the extent that they even wear it before their bedtime. I have come across a couple …

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Video: Kalybos Gets Duped In London, Pays 20 Pounds Just To Take A Selfie

Kalybos has been duped in London and he paid 20 pounds for just been DUMB! Well, don’t freak out yet, it’s another episode from his infamous Boys Kasa skit, “Adventures of Kalybos” In the new video, Kalybos takes a trip to London and takes some selfies at the famous London Bridge. Just when he was enjoying the moment, a man …

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Bismark The Joke & Kalybos Fight Over Ahoufe Patri In Brand New Episode Of “Adventures Of Kalybos”

One of the many reasons why it’s exciting to watch each episode from Boys Kasa,  “Adventures Of Kalybos” is the fact that the storyline portrays what happens in our daily lives. Yes, this is another brand new episode and it features comic actor Bismark the Joke. The storyline to this episode is pretty simple and short. It mimics the hustle …

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MUST SEE VIDEO: Young Whiteman Sings Amakye Dede’s “Akwara We Soa” PERFERCTLY!

GHbase.com intercepted this video – in which a young white man can be seen and heard clearly, speaking – in Twi into a camera. Just after speaking, he showed his musical prowess by singing veteran Ghanaian highlife musician, Amakye Dede’s song with the precision of an engineer and the depth of a sage. According to this “Obronipete,” he is called …

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Last week, a group of lesbians were reportedly attacked by angry residents at Teshie. The news was first published by starfmonline.com. However a thorough investigation by Gabby Nash of ghbase.com reveals more astonishing facts.  The attack occurred at “kponkpa” near Teshie mobile. Teshie, a fishing community along the coast of Accra has become a den for lesbians and gays, whose …

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Deborah Vanessa Kicks Ahouf3 Patri Out In The Latest & Funniest Skit From Kalybos


Kalybos just knows how to make even a serial killer laugh each time they watch his adventurous videos.  Everyone knows Kalybos and each and every time, we yearn fro a brand new episode from him. Surprisingly, this is something pretty different from all the other episodes we have watched. Normally, the funny adventurous videos features Kalybos and the girl he …

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English Is Wicked: Mahama’s Economy Is Having An Effect On This Man’s English

This is prove that English is indeed wicked! Why do we bother ourselves soo much, trying to speak another man’s language. This man was been interviewed on his assessment on the economy and his response is just soo hilarious. If you have not had a good laugh today, do watch this video below.

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