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Subtle Prostitution On The Rise In Ghana: Another Girl Also Goes LIVE On Facebook Showing Her Naked Self

cuttie brooklyn

Things are fast changing in our world and it’s not longer surprising to come across n*dity all over Social media these days. Most of our young girls have now decided to resort to making money off the many perverts in the country and the increase in demand for their services, is paving way for many more girls to jump into …

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10 Reasons Why Girls Who Swallow Are The Best Girlfriends

Girls who swallow are the best girlfriends, so if you’ve never been with a girl who swallows, then you are missing a lot bro! Girls who swallow are selfless, care about your happiness and pleasure. Don’t see such girls as bad girls. Read our article on 10 reasons why girls who swallow are the best girlfriends you can think of. …

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Popular Runs Girl & Snapchat Star, Farcadi Pregnant With Twins

farcadi pregnant with twins

If you don’t know Queen Farcadi, then I take it that, you are the one who washes the feet of the pope. Everyone knows Queen Farcadi and you don’t need to be told who she is or what she even does. Farcadi is a popular runs girl–sort of like have se.x with people in exchange for money. She’s also popular …

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Funniest Tweets From Ghanaians On The Night Of The 2017 VGMAs

So the 2017 VGMAs is over and if you still don’t know who won what, you might want to check out the winners by clicking here.  Ghanaians have a high sense of humour and we couldn’t stop laughing throughout the night by reading some of the tweets from people. We’ve gathered some of the funniest tweets we read on the …

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Hot & Crazy: Pastor’s ‘Sekz Thape With’ Church Member Leaks & He Took ‘Doggy’ To A Whole New Level-WATCH

This pastor obviously couldn’t resist the desires of his flesh and his sekz tape which he apparently shot himself has been leaked on the internet and it’s just hilarious watching it. From what we gather, the man is a pastor in the US and the video was exposed by one Facebook user known as Bidlin Bessard. According to the person who …

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I Tried These 8 Different Steps On How To Last Longer In Bed On 8 Different Women & It Works Like Magic

Okay here’s the thing about sex–It’s sweet and I would say having sex is the most pleasurable thing in this world but then what if you don’t make sex great? What if you don’t make your partner feel like a woman? It must be noted that, sex does a lot of things and when you give your partner great sex …

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BootyMiration:Just A Random Hot Photo Of A Random Hot Girl You Can Decide To Watch

So what the heck is the meaning of BootyMiration Chris? —Ummm, I have no idea why I put those two words together. Well, what it just means is that I admire the booty. I have seen pictures of this beautiful girl on Social media for sometime now, but I don’t know much about her. She’s known as ‘The Antidote’ and …

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Chale One Facebook Girl By Name Maame Akua Banks Start Dey Show ‘Things’ Paa On Facebook Live

maame akua banks

Chale, chale! Some people get some vim paa for this world ooo, herh! (Pardon me for writing pidgin today, that’s the beauty about blogging). You know say some girl by name Maame Akua Banks be start dey trend gidigidi for Facebook la. The whole thing be say, she show boys something small. Abi you know say boys dierr, if you …

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BREAKING!! Veteran Ghanaian Football Coach, Herbert Addo Passes On

Former Black Stars head coach Herbert Addo has died after battling illness. Addo, who has coached for four decades starting from his first job with Armed Forces Team S.S. 74 in the Old Ghana Division One league, passed on Friday afternoon.   He managed the Black Meteors (U23) (1981-82) and Black Satellites (U20) (1983-84) before graduating to the Black Stars …

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PHOTOS: Has Okyeame Kwame Been Ushered Into ILLUMINATI?

It has been deduced worldwide that it’s impossible to procure inordinate riches and accomplish extreme aspirations without the help of a black magic or being involved in voodoo, necromancy, makutu, and occultism. Currently, there are some peculiar rings diffusing on social media being assumed by multitude as a product from the marine campsite.     Parties involved in the use …

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