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An Open Letter To MzGee of Hitz FM

An American poet and prose writer by name Harry Hibbard Kemp defined a poor (broke person) as a person who is not without money but rather without a dream in life. However, Hitz FM presenter Gloria Akpe Nyarku popularly known as MzGee thinks otherwise of this sensitive issue. Now, the cliché that everybody is entitled to his or her opinion …

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Media Houses In Ghana Must Be Serious

Gradually, the state of journalism in Ghana is loosing its ‘grind, substance, credibility and relevancy’ per my observations and this is because I usually do not get the intent and motive behind the stories they publish through the print and electronic media. The news headlines that take the front pages of our newspapers are full of propaganda and jokes and …

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Why Our Celebrities Repent Only When Their Careers Are Fading?

Indeed, this issue has made me suffer from insomnia for sometime now, however, I’m left with no choice than to express my worry about it through words. Religion defined from the psychological point of view by James L. Coz which was put into collection by Ferguson will clearly show that, “it’s the result of seeking comfort in a world which, …

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Adu Sarpeah: A Digest of Sarkodie’s Trumpet Cypher

Ghana’s most decorated rapper of all time Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known in showbiz as Sarkodie has released the much anticipated cypher titled ‘Trumpet’. This new track is filled with hard core rap lyrics and flows by a group of young, uprising and talented Ghanaian rappers with different rhythmic rap styles. The beat was produced by Fortune Dane and the …

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Could Omar Sterling Be Dating This Charming Lady Currently After Rumored Breakup With Sandra Ankobiah?

There had been rumors lately that rapper Omar Sterling and the adorable  Sandra Ankobiah had called off their relationship due to some issues best known to the two.They were the most lovely celebrity couple in the country until the rumor of their breakup burst out. Yesterday 18th May was Sandra’s birthday and to make her day lovely and memorable,most of …

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Scrap Talented Kids Because The Kids Are Just Not….

Tv3’s talented Kids has a gained a huge reputation and has forged a sort of telepathy with the youth. I strongly believe if they come across this write up, they might feel really disappointed. But honestly watching them every Sunday, season in and season out and having made my overall evaluation about the show, I hereby call for the show …

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Why Wutah’s Reunion Is A Good Thing


The music duo has been reported of making a sensational comeback and I’m so happy about that it. The history with music groups breaking up and trying their luck as solo artistes has been disastrous and Wutah is no exception. There is growing myth among lots of successful bands and groups that they can extend their popularity to their solo …

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Bandex Is Absolutely Right, Okalla Deserves No State Burial

Okalla’s death was avoidable and I’m still in tears for the ‘old man’ who kept cracking ribs despite his ailing framework. It has come to light that the man sustained his craft because he was indeed broke and needed a fix. So people consciously and unconsciously failed to realise this and now death has stealthily carted him away. Then came …

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Terry Bonchaka Would Have Been The True Dancehall King

Everyone is calling himself dancehall king presently but I dare say if Terry had not died prematurely he would had been the true proponent of the genre. Terry Bonchaka, the man famed for his unique dance and weird sense of fashion, died on October 29, 2003 moments after he performed at the University of Ghana, Legon. Shatta Wale fondly eulogised …

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What Exactly Does Flowking Stone Want To Achieve? My Analysis Of ‘Fire Bon Dem’


I have listened carefully to the ‘fire bon dem’ remix’ and initially I didn’t get immersed in the hyperbole people cloud the song with. Fire bon dem is barely three weeks since it was released online but it has already scored high marks from critics, something I didn’t comprehend from the onset. Subsequently I got a copy of it and …

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