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Bandex Is Absolutely Right, Okalla Deserves No State Burial

Okalla’s death was avoidable and I’m still in tears for the ‘old man’ who kept cracking ribs despite his ailing framework. It has come to light that the man sustained his craft because he was indeed broke and needed a fix. So people consciously and unconsciously failed to realise this and now death has stealthily carted him away. Then came …

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Terry Bonchaka Would Have Been The True Dancehall King

Everyone is calling himself dancehall king presently but I dare say if Terry had not died prematurely he would had been the true proponent of the genre. Terry Bonchaka, the man famed for his unique dance and weird sense of fashion, died on October 29, 2003 moments after he performed at the University of Ghana, Legon. Shatta Wale fondly eulogised …

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What Exactly Does Flowking Stone Want To Achieve? My Analysis Of ‘Fire Bon Dem’


I have listened carefully to the ‘fire bon dem’ remix’ and initially I didn’t get immersed in the hyperbole people cloud the song with. Fire bon dem is barely three weeks since it was released online but it has already scored high marks from critics, something I didn’t comprehend from the onset. Subsequently I got a copy of it and …

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Ghana Music Awards Is A Waste Of Time & This IS WHY!

Complete List Of 2016 VGMA winners

The Ghana Music Award has been labeled as the biggest entertainment show in the annals of our music, which is somewhat factual until recently when the credibility of the show has come under intense scrutiny. Before Theresa Ayaode and her cohorts clutched on this enterprise, Ghanaian musicians were acknowledged through the ACRAG (Arts Critics and Reviewers Association Of Ghana) and …

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SHARE AN OPINION: Would You Kiss Your Own Daughter/Son Passionately In A Movie? Pascaline Edward Once Did To Her Cousin

Filmmaking, as it is widely said, is a world of make-believe – however, whatever an actor portrays in a movie, should actually be a true reflection of reality. An actor is a person who inhabits characters. Captured in another sense, actors are like ghosts, always looking for bodies to inhabit and act. So, even if you are not a drunkard …

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Hiphop mogul P. Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy blurted out that he invented “remix” many years ago. Years later his proclamation has ultimately become a catalyst that has spawned a new dawn in contemporary music.  Many artistes have harnessed the potential of remix to enhance their creative arts. This new method has created a room for artistes to add …

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The Top 10 Most Influential Artists In 2014


The year was undoubtedly characterized by lots of happenings, especially in the music field which witnessed musicians and their respective management put in so much hard work, zeal and commitment to their craft The most influential personalities shortlisted within the year 2014 are the persons, who made such significant impact with their music, videos or social-related projects. They generated so …

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Juliet Ibrahim Is Not A Piece Of Wood – Its Right She Got Angry At HATERS And Expressed It


Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, was reported to have insulted a fan and for that matter, her conduct was puerile and not deserving of a mentor, but, I beg to largely differ! Juliet Ibrahim was humbly seated somewhere pondering over her life and the way forward – as a divorcee who still looks ravishing with one child. Two supposed fans …

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What Ghc10 Million Means To Shatta Wale & Bull Dog And Why Samini Is In Schadenfreude

shatta wale billionaire

When news broke out that Charter House, organisers of the Vodafone Music Awards and owners of GhOne Television have sued dancehall artiste Shatta Wale for defamation with damages of ghc10,000,000 the camp of theb artiste have not yet shown any signs of weakness, for them they see that amount as peanuts. The artiste even went to the studio to record …

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If Castro Is Really In The Marine World, This Is What Is Happening To Him

has castro been found

There are seven planetary systems in the underworld. In these seven planetary systems, which are also known as the subterranean heavens [bila-svarga], (these planets are under water) there are very beautiful houses, gardens and places of sense enjoyment, which are even more opulent than those on this earth. Most of the residents of these planets, who are known as Daityas, …

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