Catholic Priest Puts Aside Religious Differences To Worship With Muslims During Eid – Fitr Celebration

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To the admiration of other nations, Ghana has seen religious tolerance over the years between the two largest religious groups—Christians and Muslims.

This remarkable achievement can be partially attributed to the leadership roles performed by the two faiths’ leaders in constantly keeping their adherents in line and educating them on the importance of peaceful coexistence.

St. Mary Catholic Church has shared photos of its Assistant Parish Priest of, Rev Father Martin Delali Attitson joining Muslims at Asamankese to perform Eid-Fitr prayers.

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The show of inter-religious tolerance took place on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

The priest was accompanied by some parishioners as he and Muslim leaders and other faithful embarked on their end-of-Ramadan prayers together.

Some photos shared by the St Mary Catholic Church on its Facebook page show Father Attitson hugging and exchanging pleasantries with some leaders of the Muslim community in the area.

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“Assistant Parish Priest Joins Muslims In Asamankese To Mark The End Of Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Rev Fr Martin Delali Attitson, the assistant parish priest together with some parishioners joined the Muslim community in Asamankese to mark the end of Ramadan,” the church captioned the lovely photos.

The development has sparked reactions, with many Ghanaians lauding the church and the Muslim community for showing inter-faith tolerance, a sign to the youth that peace, tolerance and coexistence are the way to go.

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