Could This Be The Cause Of Pappy Kojo’s Accident??

It was reported that rapper Pappy Kojo had been involved in a car accident few days ago. The pictures that flooded online showed that it wasn’t a fatal accident but the rapper got hurt in the head.

He was seen receiving treatment from a health personnel and taking  some prescriptions. I watched one of his snapchat videos after the accident where a medical pratitioner was cutting off some of his dreads so he could get access to bandage the rapper’s head.

The Ay3 Late rapper funnily said in one of the videos “The bad lyrics in my head has been cut off so no more Yiwo Dross and 2 Raw“.LOL

There is this one thing that has to be addressed abruptly,of which I am sure caused Pappy Kojo’s accident. People have inculcated the habit of driving and  using Snapchat at the same time. Pappy is one of such people. For safety reasons,it is advisable that when one is driving, mobile phones shouldn’t be used.

Most people find pleasure in using snapchat whiles driving,uploading videos unto their stories and so on. But then,we have to be reminded that,the moment we use our mobile phone whiles driving,our concentration becomes divided,hence exposing us to certain risks like accidents.



pappy k

Pappy Kojo is not the only one who does it. Most of our celebrities and several other people do use Snapchat whiles driving. Anyway,we thank God our Fante Van Damme is safe now. But wait, probably Pappy was thinking of his b3b3,Yvonne.Haha

Brethren,We Only Live Once,so please let’s be very cautious of what we do,especially when using the roads. We can’t risk our precious lives just because of a social media app which won’t put money in our pockets. Anyway,it’s fun using snapchat though.

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