CCTV captures man dropping juju at his best friend’s door abroad, they’re from the same country

A Nigerian man has been captured in footage allegedly depositing a charm in front of his intimate friend’s door in Cheras which can be located in Malaysia

The man was spotted in the footage pouring some powdered substance at the entrance of his friend’s apartment

According to reports, the owner of the apartment has been suffering from health issues and he decided to check his neighbor’s CCTV

Surprisedly, he saw his best friend in the footage committing this wicked act so the culprit has been banished from living among his Nigerian brothers

One of the neighbors shared the story on his social media page that ”This happened in Venice hill condominium, located in Cheras, Malaysia. This our Nigerian brother was caught dropping charm for another brother.

The guy has been complaining of health issues, only to wake up this morning and saw what someone dropped in front of his door. He contacted his neighbors who have cameras and his best friend emerged as the ev*! doer. We had to banish him from living among us.”

Watch the video below….


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