“Cedi does not copy Dollar” – Social media reacts to photos of Akufo-Addo and Joe Biden napping at the COP26 Summit

Social media is reacting to photos of Ghana and America’s presidents dozing off at the crunch COP26 Summit on Climate Change taking place in Glasgow Scotland.

Many have made comparisons between the two and why they think Joe Biden deserved to sleep while President Akufo-Addo should have stayed awake.

According to many, the economic situation in Ghana is way behind and below as compared to America thus the US president who is as old as Ghana’s president has the liberty to sleep at meetings.

President Akufo-Addo who has had a reputation for dozing off at meetings since he became president has once again been blamed for napping while serious issues are probably being discussed at the World Summit on Climate Change in Ghana.

@obibine3 wrote: U enter class see say sharks dey sleep not then u wey your head die too dey sleep follow am.. U want to compare yourself to a country which is far ahead of you? U finish and go around begging them for loan.

@ElormDeezy wrote: Who sleeps in that position ma? Prolly man was listening with eyes closed. But Seniorman for there went down. Absolutely asleep.

@michaeladiko wrote: Akuffo has rented private jet wasting tax payers money to go and sleep at a conference,and u comparing him to Joe Biden. Can u compare the problems of Ghana to U.S? Some of u guys. Sigh!

@MBnaks133 wrote: Assuming Biden was sleeping, was that right? Is it good to sleep at a meeting? Does two wrongs make a right? Is Biden, the standard when it comes to inappropriate behaviour? Do we pay our taxes to Biden? Infact, is it our house matter?

@MoShaban32 wrote: The equalization nature of Ghanaians tho. Someone does it so it’s normal if we also do same. Then I guess we should also accept the LGBTQ+++ cos some people too have accepted it. Everything we will equalize whether good or bad. Hmmmmm

Whats’ your view too?



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