“Celebrities Aren’t Intellectuals, Don’t Take Their Advice Too Seriously; They Just Got Popular”- Talabi Tells People

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A Nigerian doctor, Olubgenga Talabi has admonished people not to take the advice from celebrities too seriously.

According to Talabi, celebrities are not intellectual, although some of them are, and so whatever they spew out in the form of advice, people have to be wary not to swallow them hook line and sinker.

It is a common practice for these celebrities to occasionally offer pieces of advice to their fans which they think would help them but according to Talabi, we should not take some of them too seriously.

He opined that thee celebrities were just like us until they got popular are so that does not put them in a better position than us as far as the understanding of life matters is concerned.

“Celebrities are not intellectuals, they’re just people like you that got popular. Don’t take Their advice too seriously,” Talabi tweeted.

Some of these celebrities hide behind their fame to spew all manner of things all in the name of trying to motivate their fans, some of which do not help in any way, it is these ones that we don’t need to take serious.

But it must be added that some of them do make sense and so the onus lies with us to always try to take what’s best for us and can help in various ways.



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