“Celebrities That Don’t Check Their DMs Are Either Unwise Or They Have Too Much Money”-Media Personality Ike Onyema

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Celebrities have their social media inboxes awash with messages from their fans that normally overwhelm them, making it very difficult for them to reply to each of them.

Some of the fans more often could be seen lamenting the fact that their favourite celebrities fail to reply to their messages in their DMs.

The Nigerian media personality known as Ike Onyema has said that celebrities actually answer to the many queries from their fans but admitted that sometimes, they get overwhelmed by the number of messages in their inbox that they fail to respond to every one of them.

Ike Onyema is also apparently aware of the fact that some of these celebrities do not check their inbox to reply to any messages fans might have sent to them.

He added, however, that celebrities who do not check their inboxes are either, in his words, “stupid” or they have made too much money they forget they need the fans’ feedback.

He insinuated that checking your inbox as a celebrity should be a daily routine but some fail to do it.

Ike Onyema wrote this on Twitter;

“Seen people on my TL asking why celebs don’t reply DMs. Truth is we do. But nobody can reply to all those DMs alone. And any Celeb that doesn’t check his or her dm every day is either  stupid or they have too much money.”


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