Central Region: Young man slashes his sugar mummy, 56, for refusing to give him s3kz one hot afternoon

A young man who could not control his libido vented his spleen on his sugar mummy for refusing to have s3x with him.

The man, 45, reportedly seized a machete and slashed his 56-year-old girlfriend, Akua Baduwa for refusing to allow him to get closer to her punani when he was on heat. 

The woman is currently receiving treatment at the Abura Dunkwa government hospital in the Central Region after the incident which happened at Abakrampa on Sunday, May 15, 2022, around 1:30 PM.

According to the narrative, the Akua engaged the man in a heated argument one hot afternoon while trying to force himself on her. When he realized he was not going to have his way with her, he immediately got hold of a machete and descended on her. 

Her screams attracted other people to the crime scene but he took to his heels before people arrived. He was later rounded up by residents of the area who nearly lynched him. 

Meanwhile, the suspect sustained cutlass wounds on her legs and waist.

Other reports say the suspect had seen the girlfriend with another man a night before the incident. Residents disclosed that the suspect always beats his girlfriend anytime he sees her with another man.


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