Chacha Eke Makes Up With Her Husband In New Photos – See What She Said

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It looks as if Nollywood actress Chacha Eke’s Marriage with her husband Austin Faani is back to it’s normal state after all the drama on social media few days ago.

Two weeks ago, Chacha Eke took to her Instagram page to announce the end of her 7years marriage to her husband over what was rumored to be domestic abuse.

This separation caused a lot of uproar on social media especially with those who used to look up to her.

She later on came out to say she was suffering from bipolar disease which was the cause of her sudden outburst. Even though her brother Ikechukwu Eke came to debunk her statement claiming that her enstraged Husband Austin Faani was behind everything, Chacha seems to prove otherwise.

In a latest post sighted by on her Instagram page, Chacha Eke is seen cooking in the kitchen with a potruding belly suspected to be Pregnancy.

She is also seen in another post seated in matching clothes with her husband indicating that everything was back to normal.

Well, her fans didn’t buy any of the posts. Some claimed that her husband was behind it trying to make it look like everything was fine when Chacha was slowly dying.

See the post below;

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