Any Challenger? Meet The Hips That Could Crush Joycelyn Dumas

nana ama

When you don’t know about the existence of something, you tend to think that, you’ve seen it all. Well, today it’s not about Joycelyn Dumas but her possible rival in the possession of hips and a**.

I know this is hot and crazy, and i wanted you to have something different from the usual celebrity gossips and news. Soon, i will be doing more of this stuff here on Gh Base. I want you to meet Mzz Espenoza aka Nana Ama, my latest hipsy discovery for the month of August. I know you might not know her, but trust me i strongly believes she beats Joycelyn Dumas to it. The only difference is Joycelyn is a celeb, so you get to see her hips more often, but sometimes you just watch the wrong hips and a**.

This is just a sneek peak at Nana Ama, and trust me, they are not hip pads, all Natural and real, i have prove. Want more, just go add  her by clicking here and she’s single, and could be searching just 21 or 22. And the good news is, money is not an issue at all…lol

If you look at the picture closely, you would realise a gentleman was even lusting after her even when he has a girlfriend already, just look closely

nana ama nana-ama2 nanaama3Think you can beat Nana Ama or know someone who can? Send me a whatsapp message with pictures on 0273094088 and i will be glad to post it here. Guess what, we will soon be introducing Miss Hipsy right here on GhBase. It’s going to be fun because it will be at the beach!

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